Heidekind_homeAt the moment I work at a lovely big, wooden, antique table that my German Holborn forefather made himself. When I work at a specific spot at this table it squeaks endearingly as I add pressure with my arms, elbows and hands. It’s like a conversation in Morse-code keeping me company.

When I look up from my work, I see the ocean and it’s mood of the day. I see who has been called out to sea – surfers, wind surfers, paddle skis, stand up paddle boards or the brightly coloured little pods of families basking in the sun on the sand. It’s the constant crashing of the waves that calms my heart but also rushes it!

These crashing waves are accompanied by the squeal of a red winged starling as it descends past our balcony, flying against the gale force wind which whistles a tune through the cracks of our windows. It makes me feel safe and cozy being inside, mixing colours, as a hot cup of tea grows cold beside me.